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Our website uses Cookies. Cookies are small pieces of encrypted data stored on your computer or device's browser used to keep track of your movements and actions as you navigate around our site.  The list below shows the cookies we use, how long they last and the reason we use them: 


Cookie name                                                           Life span                                        Purpose

  • svSession                                                        Permanent                                     Creates activities and BI

  • hs                                                                     Session                                           Security

  • incap_ses_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID}                Session                                           Security

  • incap_visid_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID}              Session                                           Security

  • nlbi_{ID}                                                           Persistent cookie                          Security

  • XSRF-TOKEN                                                  Persistent cookie                           Security

  • smSession                                                      Two weeks                                     Identify logged in site members

Cookies collect information about how you interact with our site, which pages you visit, where you came from and links you clicked on to allow us to better understand you use of our site and provide the best possible user experience. The information collected is completely anonymous and does not include any of your personal data.

You may change your website browser settings to reject cookies. To learn how to disable cookies, find and delete them from your computer's hard drive or opt out of their usage please visit Please note, however, that some cookies are essential in order to shop on the Website and should you decide to reject cookies this may impair the functionality of the Website and may mean that you are unable to shop.

At no point do our cookies store your personal payment information.

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