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Sylvanian 5567 Red Roof Cosy Cottage

Sylvanian 5567 Red Roof Cosy Cottage

SKU: 9000204741
The Red Roof Cosy Cottage is perfect for anyone new to Sylvanian Families. This set contains a house, basic furniture and figure (Chocolate Rabbit girl), and can be played with on its own. The kitchen also comes with fun gimmicks! Bake apple pie, or pour water from the tap. Use the post box and parcel to send and receive post! The set includes: Chocolate Rabbit girl, Red Roof Cosy Cottage, First Storey Floor, Ladder, Railing (L), Railing (S), Kitchen, Frying Pan, Omelette, Apple Pie, Fork, Plate, Dining Table, Chair x2, Bed (child size), Duvet, Parcel.

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