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Warmlite WL41003Y Frostwatcher Convector

Warmlite WL41003Y Frostwatcher Convector

SKU: 9000203100

POWERFUL 450W HEATER: Small but high powered convection heater from Warmlite will help battle the cold with its 450W power output, quickly heating up small rooms for instant warmth. Works brilliantly alongside central heating

ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT: Providing a wide temperature range of 120°C – 130°C, find the most comfortable setting to battle cold chills in the home or office. Amending the setting is made simple with the easy to use dial

SAFE & SECURE: With the fixable feet included, the heater will remain secure while freestanding. With built-in overheat protection, the unit will automatically turn off once it becomes too hot, keeping your safety first

ANTI-FROST PROTECTION: Designed to produce a low-level heat output to combat frost, ensuring your heater is ready to tackle the cold. It also prevents the room temperature from dropping below freezing.

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